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Keep it simple and make sure it suits you. This prevents any repercussions. For more detailed recipes and food information, please click on MENU and choose the option IDEAS for VEG meals to see Korean and other reipes. Also see the gallery for more inspiring and mothwatering veg / vega/ gluten and starch free options.

Sticky braised onion and cabbage

All cooked in the same frying pan,

Balinese buffet

Tofu, omelette, sprouts, veg, and exotic vegan delights

Foodlovers market self service

Choose what you want - hummus, egg, feta

Fried lentil sprouts and veggies

A great alternative to boring pasta

Gluten free veggie fritters

5 minutes to make, so what's the fuss?

Gluten free vegetarian for beginners

Pizza - yes, plus some simple ways to cut out wheat and meat, etc.

How to select and prepare food for gluten free vegetarians

Jim and Sue Visser visited Bhutan - no animal slaughter is permitted in this country.


Why lose out?


Restaurant problems: at least one or two items on the menu should suit everybody. But do they? Not in every case. It is best to check out the menu online beforehand if you suspect there may be nothing suitable for vegetarians (who don't eat any flesh - fish, chicken, beef, lamb, pork and so on) yet do eat cheese and eggs. You will find pizza, pasta, etc but is is gluten free? TRy to trade an omelette or some fried haloumi for a hunk of fish or other animal flesh and they glare at you. 

No - they never offer you  lettuce instead of bread rolls either.  Fortunately Asian restaurants always serve plenty of rice and know how to base a meal on vegetables.

 Kitchen resources: many popular pantry items that are in conflict with your constitutional individuality may be constantly causing weight gain irritation or inflammation without you being aware of it. If you have isolated the main trigger foods by means of blood and saliva IG testing you will be looking for substitutes. This website offers alternatives to flesh, lactose, sugar and gluten but also gives blood type guidelines. General health information is provided on the home page. The slideshows are linked to the menu guide or to grains and pulses.

Blood type diet: don't give up, link up for free to  the blood type colour charts, including the secretor/non secretor options. Do you suspect you have trigger foods? Blood type lists make it easier to select the ones you need to test for, but do not indicate gluten, lactose or casein intolerance. 

Wheat avoidance: I provide guidelines and recipes from personal experience.  I am blood type O and my husband Jim is A, so he eats bread. Our choices are different but weare both thriving by  cooking and eating what suits us best. 

No meat, no bloodshed: although fish eaters call themselves vegetarians, some of us choose not to eat any flesh. We do however love milk, cheese and  eggs, so we are not vegans. My recipes will include dishes for vegans and lactose intolerant individuals. 

I will continuously update articles, recipes, links and resources for vegetarians, vegans, special needs, allergies and avoids. 

Here are some easy ways to make the changes.

Enjoy this relaxing slideshow  for a gentle introduction. 

I'm a nuisance - I don't eat meat or wheat

Vegetarians eat vegetables - like this!

Posh restaurants seldom bother to cater  for vegans let alone gluten allergies!

Why do I have to change things round, add other stuff and compromise? Wheat - for instance, is in just about every snobbish item on the menu that doesn't contain meat. "No meat, no wheat" I repeat and finally settle for some fried Camembert and a salad. After kicking up a fuss and warding off the insults and humiliation from the family I am expected to eat what is plonked in front of me. It cost R185 - a round of iffy cheese dunked in wheat batter and fried in old dead body fishy oil. Whiff, yuk. The long awaited mayonnaise was a smear of rancid goo on the side of the hapless salad - a wilted bouquet of rocket with a pansy. I hate rocket  and it does not suit my blood type. What is wrong with lettuce, tomatoes, Feta cheese, cucumber and olives? Not everybody serves my haven of safety, a Geek salad. Boring but sustaining and hard to mess up. 

I know what you are thinking. Ungrateful bitch. How about the high tea, for R175 that offered a tower of dainty wheaty delicacies? Bread,cake, pastry and loads of sugar. Salmon and biltong anybody? Er no thanks. I spotted a few stray olives and a tiny tomato. I picked the grated cheese off a scone and scooped out the custard from a  tiny tart. Oops, they must have used cake flour to thicken it and I started to itch and burn. Scratch scratch up and down the arms. Then the legs, the face. It was time to leave before I began to itch in places that can't be scratched in public.

I am a blood type fundie and wrote  a book, to provide recipes to help friends and family cater for people who don't eat the way their guests do. Blood type O is a meat eater but not a wheat eater. But then I became a vegetarian! We have free choice and I became a hunter gatherer of recipes and hangouts that could cater for people who love vegetables, eggs and cheese.

This website aims to inspire people with similar social afflictions  

Now you know why I sometimes bring my own food and eat it on the way home or worst of all, suffer the long term consequences of eating wheat. Bloating, weight gain of at least a kilogram and my throat closes up for a few days. Trying to be polite is not worth going through all that!   I have friends and relatives who are gluten intolerant and so my collection of recipes began to grow. I always provide blood type guidelines, substitutes and vegan options as well. Now it is time to come out of the kitchen closet and load up this wonderful website with gorgeous grub. Food as medicine and I will share my slow, traditional food preparation techniques with you.

Sue Visser's Healthy Happy blood type logic

Watch this if you think the blood type diet is a scam!

Free Blood Type food lists for ABO secretors /non-secretors

Link to these colour coded blood type lists free of charge from our website at Nature Fresh. Print out the PDF full colour pages you need and refer to them for quick and easy choices. The grey panels list food that is agreeable for all blood types - easy enough to begin with!

Below are links to all the lists  - 8 of them: A, B, O, AB secretors and their 4 non-secretor variants. Which one are you? They are based on the original work by Dr D’Adamo ( who sells test kits to determine blood type or secretor status if you cannot work it out from my guidelines.

A kinesiologist or  practitioner who uses biofeedback devices like SCIO can also help you - or use a muscle test. It is easy enough. Use these links to find your secretor status, regardles of being + or - it makes no difference.

Blood type A secretor / non-secretor

Blood type B secretor / non-secretor

Blood type AB secretor / non-secretor

Blood type O secretor / non-secretor

A personalised blood type diet will reduce your inflammation load, help you to lose weight and make you feel more energetic. There may be a few discrepancies in the blood type diet, depending on who compiles the lists - but they help to identify your trigger foods. If you are dairy or gluten intolerant, cut out these foods as well. This alternative saves the schlep and expense of blood testing or the tedious hit-and-miss exclusion diets.

For instance, we don’t all have to cut out wheat because blood type A-secretor thrives on wheat products- yet for them, tomatoes trigger inflammation. To the rest of us, wheat and in some cases gluten is a direct causative link to all the causes of weight gain, indigestion, bowel disorders and so on.  Blood type B thrives on dairy products - but not wheat or rye!

Here are the blood type specific lectins that lurk in the healthiest of foods 

by Health Researcher Sue Visser. Author of HEALTHY HAPPY EATING (Currently out of print)

The “Blood Type Diet” is based on how our blood cells react with lectins in foods. According to Dr Petr D’Adamo, author of the Eat Right Diet, first published in 1998, “ignoring your blood type and how its lectins interact with the ones found in the food you consume is a recipe for disaster.” Recently lectins have come back into focus as instigators of all that ails us and some health Gurus are advising us to stop eating anything that contains lectins! Dr Mercola, for instance only tells half the story, assuming lectins only come from plants? 

But the truth is that many different types of lectins are present in both plant and animal foods in varied amounts. We do not need to cut out all of the food groups or items that he and other food gurus list, because that would leave out most of our regular health foods. Even the Banting or ketogenic diets contain lectins that could harm certain people, depending on their blood type. Some lectins cause inflmmation and blood coagulation - bad news for cardiovascular patients and those at risk of covid-19 infections!

Not all blood types have a bad reaction to the same lectins so it is a case of:

“Jack sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean.

So between them both you see; they licked the platter clean.” 

What is a lectin? Lectins are anti-nutrients, chemical particles that bind to cell membranes and cause cells to stick to each other or to other substances and some of them are very harmful. They can also cause blood coagulation and upset your circulation. Plants and animals produce all kinds of lectins to prevent being eaten. The food we consume often contains harmful or disruptive lectins. Sprouted red kidney beans for instance, produce toxic lectins to stop the baby plants from being attacked by insects or foraging animals. Ricin is a lectin that is present in the castor oil bean seed and husk, but not the oil. Any animal that consumes the whole seed will die within minutes. 

An informative 2017 article on the Superfoodly website provides a comprehensive study of lectins, but also fails to tell people that lectins are blood type specific.

Ideally, only the food with lectins that affect our blood type need to be considered. Eliminating all food - both from plants and animals that contain lectins means you lose out on the ones that are OK for your blood type. That is why the original Blood Type diet can help you to simplify this dilemma. Your secretor status is determined by a separate gene to the one that affects your blood type. Blood type antigens that are present in blood, bodily fluids, digestive products, mucous and saliva will only affect the secretors (Se) – just over 80% of us. The non-secretor variant group (se) only has antigens that are present in the blood. Saliva tests can be done to determine if you have antigens in your saliva (secretor) or not (non-secretor). They have nothing to do with being + or -. 

The IgG and IgA blood tests used for food allergies only tell part of the lectin story because for blood type ABO secretors, saliva tests are also necessary. The IgG & IgA general food panel is a useful test in assessing food tolerance. It is more efficient than using a process of trial and error to eliminate offending foods and provides a detailed report of the reactions. It is useful to determine specific allergies an individual may have, especially to gluten. Rye may suit certain blood types for example, but not if the person is intolerant to gluten or has Celiac disease. 

Dr D’Adamo’s updated studies on the behaviour of lectins that are blood type specific confirms that different blood types react to different foods. The current lectin scare needs to be put into perspective. Bread and tomatoes don’t suit everybody - neither do kidney beans and aubergines. Some people thrive on them, so why should everybody listen to the avoid-all alarmists? “Understanding the source of the lectin and the chemistry of the person consuming it is at the centre of eating right for your blood type.” (Dr Peter D’Adamo)  

Prior to DNA testing, blood and saliva tests were used in forensic studies to identify people. ABO blood grouping is still useful for the initial stages of crime investigation or to identify human specimens. Semen, for instance will indicate the secretor status of its owner. The absorption-inhibition method that was developed in 1923 in Italy by Vitorio Sieacusa is still being used to determine the secretor status. In recent studies using the same method they found 83% of the subjects to be secretors of which 83.8% were females and 81% were male. Secretors are genetically more robust, they say. 


Is meat essential for a healthy heart? NO!

A book by Doctor James Liddell and Sue Visser about heart health who have worked on the book for over a year and a half. At last it has been published and it is a good read for both doctors and patients. 160 pages of well presented and illustrated information covering all the aspects of cardiovascular health from mainstream as well as holistic viewpoints. The manuscript has been reviewed by medical professionals who are impressed!


The holistic guide to a HEALTHY HAPPY HEART by Dr James Liddell and Sue Visser Reviews from June, 2016 1 Dr Nathan Finkelstein PHD FRpharm FPharm MCP MSAChem Pharmaceutical advisor to the Board of Health Executives. “The approach to heart health is refreshing yet comprehensive. The content fulfills the book title in that it deals with all aspects of healthcare.” 2 Dr Frances de Kock FCP. (SA) Specialist Physician Mediclinic Cape Town, “I found this a very inspiring read, which will help to motivate people to improve their lifestyles so as to prevent heart disease.


James and Sue show incredible insight into nutrition and diet and how these are so fundamentally critical to cardiovascular health and the prevention of heart disease. They present the pathophysiology and medical science behind the most common cardiac diseases in a user-friendly and practical manner. Their use of relevant quotations from great scientists and scholars is skilfully contextualized in a novel way that adds powerful authenticity to the text.”


3 Dr. Marion Weston – Dr. Med univ (Vienna)/ M.Tech Hom (RSA) “This book is a gem. It is fun and easy to for anybody to read and covers a wide range of topics that will help you to understand what heart health is all about. James and Sue have produced a well-researched in-depth guide to the heart that also gives you all the facts you need to achieve optimum health. This very special book is for those who seek beyond the limited mechanistic model of conventional medicine.”

Healing and cleansing protocols

Cut out the wheat, detox. (Caution: maize or oats) may not suit everybody

Watermelon - good for snacks, ices and ice lollies

Watermelon suits all blood types and is rich n amino acids. Best eaten on its own for best results. Enjoy!

For young children to watch - enjoy the animals!

Play with your food, enjoy preparing it and sharing the Yummy veggies

Same dough for a pizza

Microwave the loaf for 7 minutes then grill the top

pre-cook dough for pizza

Flatbread in hot oven or microwave each for 1 - 2 mins

Fermented food - include it daily!

Kombucha can include fruit for flavour

Fermented food includes olives, cottage cheese, lemons, kimchi and sourdough bread

Asian food always includes fermented dishes

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