Mexican is the best for snacks, basics and parties!

Mexican food is easy to adapt to gluten free and removing meat is easy enough with so many replacements usinf black beans and cheese. Take a look at these scrumptious ideas,especially frying haloumi cheese slices in smoked paprika and tomato sauce. Yummy over refried black beans or with a tortilla made from corn. 

Fried haloumi cheese

add smoked paprika, tomato or chipotle

Tamales and tostadas

Hard boiled eggs in a jacket

Sauces and toetada

guacamole and chipotle

Stuffed peppers and poppers

tortila and red onion

Rice tortillas

Make in bulk and eat anytime

Tortillas made gluten free

No need for wheat, tortillas and wraps can be made in the pan - instead of rolling them out. Try a batter made out of rice flour, egg, baking powder and water. Coat the bottom of an oiled pan with a thin, runny batter, swirl it around to get a smooth tortilla. when the one side is gloden, flip it over. They keep well in the fridge and become soft and pilable. Use them for buritos or wraps. A thicker rice flour tortilla makes a good base for refried beans, tomato sauce and cheese. Also experiment with maize flour (polenta). It can be cooked beforehand and spread into a flat baking tray to cool down. This makes a nice base to load up with bean paste, gucamole and so on. When coated in cheese and grilled the maize tortilla goes a long way to fill hungry guests.

Rice tortilla made in the pan

Hot and crispy - enjoy!

Try frying rice flour tortillas

Rice flour, egg, water, baking powder

Add to the tortilla then flip

try herbs, cheese, pumpkin seeds

A polenta tortilla base

add toppings, cheese and grill

buckwheat and sorghum tortilla

Yucatan style beans, avoe, onion and lime

Soup and salads with a difference

A can of beans can be used to make refried beans, bean paste, burgers or soups. Alternatively, cook up a large batch of black beans or black - eyed beans (to suit all blood types) it is easy to keep punnets of them in the freezer. For quick Mexican black bean soup, rinse a can of beans, add a cup of boiling water and a stock cube and process with a stick blender Warm it up in  microwave and serve with tostadas or nachos. they taste better when grilled with salt and pumpkin seeds.

A clear soup can be made with hot water and stock. Add firm avocado slices tomato, onion, red peppers and a squeeze of lime juice. Quinoa is also rich in protein and when the grains are boiled in a egetable stock mixed with cubed potato and carrot, they make a pleasant soup. (More popular in Peru). Curtido is a salad made of cabbage and carrot with pickled red onion. first soak the slivers of carrot and cabbage in boiling salted water for a few hours. Soak red onion in boiling water to remove the burn. then slt them and store in lime juice or orange juice  

Sour soup

Stock with tomato, green avoe, cilantro, peppers

Black bean soup

add sour cream and tostada strips

Quinoa soup

Popular in Peru, high in protein

Curtidos salad

Cabbage and carrot with red onion pickle

Red onions and sour oranges

Red onion pickle of the Yucatan

Try some more ideas and adapt other recipes

Not everybody needs a reecipe because it is more about absorbing ideas and adapting your regular ones. There are plenty of gluten free flour mixtures, but try to avoid those with xanthan or guar gum. (not for all blood types)Use an egg to bind, or try a little potato flour, tapioca or sago flour to make the dough more stretchy. Here are some more ideas. Enjoy!

corn tortilla haloumi, veg

Add fresh veggies, stews, cheese, sauce

A tasty snack

Refried black eye beans, soya chunks, salad

Tortilla and tasty topping

Add lentils to tortilla batter, serve it crispy

Cooking black eye beans

Add orange peel for flavour plus other veg.

Polents tortillas with basil

Top the base with salad, then cheese and grill