The Budwig Protocol for Covid-19 pandemic

Basically, we all need to rearrange our fatty acid profiles – especially to control covid-induced inflammation and blood clotting issues! So cut down on the bad, saturated fats and increase the anti-inflammatory Omega 3 essential fatty acids. We can’t only rely on medications exclusively because bad eating habits and unhealthy lifestyles contribute to co morbidity. No drugs are needed to right these wrongs.

We now know that the Covid-19 pandemic is all about inflammation. They say that Covid-19 relates more to cardiovascular – than respiratory diseases. When we eat saturated fats we also flood the body with pro-inflammatory chemicals called prostaglandins (Peg 2). To counteract this problem, we need more sources of anti-inflammatory prostaglandins (Peg 1 & 3). This brings us back to the reason we need to drastically increase our anti-inflammatory Omega 3 oils. Thanks to Joanna Budwig, we can easily include them in our diet.

The Budwig protocol uses a mixture of low-fat or fat free cottage cheese and flaxseed oil

How to make your Budwig basic mixture

Use it to make different versions of the basic flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. For smoothies, dips, ice cream and other treats It is basically a mixture of low-fat or fat free) cottage cheese and flaxseed oil you blend with a stick blender.

Yield: 4 – 5 day’s supply. But there is no upper limit to the dosage – the more the better! 1 part flaxseed oil (say ½ cup) to 2 parts fat-free cottage cheese (say 1 cup or tub) 1 – 2 cups water or low-fat milk if you don’t like a sticky texture

Use this as a basic for a bulk supply to freeze as ice cubes. They are so handy then, to add to meals and smoothies.

The Budwig Buzz Place 2 – 4 frozen cubes of the Budwig basic mixture in a blender jug or stick blender cup. Add 1 - 2 cups of Amasi or Kefir (fermented milk – low fat organic if possible). 2 teaspoons of lemon juice Flavour it with 2 teaspoons of sweet molasses or honey. Add a banana or some other soft fruit like strawberries, apricots, papaya, pears, mango or avocado. The banana must be ripe – black marks on skin.

Other things you can add: You need to make sure the patient has a lot of vitamin C every day. 1 teaspoon of ascorbic acid can be added but it is sour – like lemon juice. If they are not keen to take multivitamins or supplements separately then empty out capsules or crush tablets into the smoothie. Get creative with calcium, magnesium powder, L-Lysine and co-Enzyme Q10, pantothenic acid, zinc and other minerals.

Add fruit and supplements to the smoothies

Control inflammation = reduce saturated fat intake increase ALA, Omega 3

Today we are all worried about the Covid-19 spike proteins we are constantly being exposed to. Not only from the virus, but also from the vaccines or what they are calling the shedding effect. Can the Budwig protocol help in any way? 

A number of doctors are concerned about people with compromised immune systems who are being vaccinated. Firstly, many of us with weakened immunity, especially Hiv/AIDS patients, are incapable of generating antibodies against not only spike proteins, but also the MRNA and many types of viruses. How can we immunize them by injecting in more of same?

So too, injecting these pro-inflammatory triggers into the bloodstream of a person with a hyperactive immune system will exacerbate the problem and give rise to uncontrolled inflammation. The Budwig protocol is something that will help us to control inflammation. It is simple, affordable, readily available and can also be used prophylactically. 

We can also take fish-based oils rich in ALA ( Alpha-linolenic acid ) plus DHA, another important omega-3 fatty acid to ward off inflammation induced by Covid-19 plus the vaccines. However, flaxseed oil is a good source of ALA for vegans and vegetarians. It is a vital, essential omega-3 fatty acid. Since the body cannot synthesize it itself, ALA must be supplied daily via food.

Alternatives for vegans

As an alternative to the cottage cheese that is rich in sulphur we can use whey powder. Joanna Budwig originally used quark or fermented goats milk for her patients but somehow she is better known for cottage cheese. Vegans can blend up nuts, leeks, chives, onions and garlic with flaxseed oil and use it as a salad dressing. Creaming this combination up with an avocado pear and pineapple juice would make a wonderful spike protein antidote!

Do we really need to vaccinate against viruses?

There is no point in waiting for a vaccine to protect you from a virus that seems to mutate every time they want to roll out a remedy. You can eat your way out of the problem! Many of our regular food and herbs contain phytochemicals that are proving to be effective against coronaviruses. For instance, grapefruit skin contains quinine, the active chemical used to fight the covid infections. That is why it is so bitter - the quinine. People are chopping up grapefruit peel and soaking it in water or boiling it. A few sips of this bitter elixir will keep the virus away, they say. We can also fortyfy ourselves with vitamin D (sunshine), zinc, selenium and all the bioflavonoids and polyphenols we get from regular fruits and vegetables. The main thing to avoid is sugar, as it cometes with the same receptors as vitamin C and the B vitamins. 

Blood type matters! It affects the outcome as well as the infection rate of Covid-19. Blood type A is more prone to such infections and their blood is more inclined to form fatal clots. Blood type O is less likely to get infected. However, if they become a Covid-19 victim, their blood is thinner and more viscous and therefore less inclined to clotting. Blood types also have different strains of bacteria in their gut, so eating food that suits your blood type can help to boost your immunity, prevent co-morbidities and speed up your recovery . Take advantage of our free blood type resources. My front page.

Food as medicine to support immunity

Good food and herbs go hand in hand with great medicine and we can eat our way to abundant , glowing health by supporting our immunity.

Coronaviruses respond to zinc and quercetin - natural food sources!

We can take zinc and quercetin supplements and this duo outperforms hydroxtchloroquine, as we do not have a deficiency of the latter. However, if we lack zinc we lose our sense of tasteand smell and hence the means required to zap the RNA of a coronavirus. Zinc can only function with the help of the natural antioxidants we find in green tea and the quercetin found in brightly coloured fruit and vegetables. Food indeed as medicine!  Many people are unaware of the role that glutathione plays in preventing diseases like those spread by coronaviruses. People end up in ventilators because they don't understand what they need to support an efficient immune system. 

The key to the success of Olive leaf and Artemisia is thus due to their anti-malarial properties that according to new studies, are equally effective against the ever-mutating coronaviruses that drive the global 2020 pandemic.Plants have combined defences against viruses (colds and flu and modified coronaviruses), bacteria (pneumonia and tuberculosis), protozoans (malaria) and other pathogens. Using them offers superior protection – as opposed to single-target drugs with unavoidable side effects. Phytochemicals (within the context of whole leaf remedies) deserve further recognition as studies have now demonstrated their superior activity against SARS-CoV-2 as well as malaria.

They also provide anti-inflammatory, cardio protective (against blood clots) and immuno-regulating effects. Furthermore, nobody was able to detect any acute or chronic toxicity for the consumption of these plants, which have been utilized for thousands of years without any severe side effects other than a die-off or Herxheimer reaction. Although broad spectrum antiviral drugs can be effective against novel coronaviruses and their constant mutations, their side effects may do more harm than good. They do not help to control inflammation or blood clotting, let alone cytokine storms. The inappropriate use of antibiotics or antivirals can destroy natural colonies of viruses, especially inside the lungs – the strains that control pathogenic respiratory bacteria that cause pneumonia and tuberculosis. As we know, antibiotics (including Zithromax) used against viruses are not effective and they wipe out the gut flora that form a major component of the immune system. Surely we need to strengthen – not weaken it?

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Quercetin = red

Antioxidants, enzymes

Carrots = vitamins

Fresh medicine fights infections

anti inflammatory blood thinners

Natural herbal remedies fight malaria and coronaviruses

In 2007 I spoke about herbs we use to treat malaria - and now they can help with COVID-19,